Sustainable-Stories Film Fest is a global short-film festival showcasing productions on sustainable projects or with sustainability-related themes and topics. The festival has two stages: 1) official selection 2) selection for live public screenings. The first stage is non-competitive. An international jury will select all relevant sustainability-themed productions that live up to the required production quality. The jury will judge each piece on its coherent & unique story line, its technical realization and its over-all effectiveness. All selected pieces will be  part of the official selection and will be featured and made available to watch on our website Out of this official selection the same International Jury will select the 7 best films to be screened in front of live audiences. This second stage of the festival is competitive! The public screenings will be held between May 15th and August 15th 2018 in Medellin, Bogota, Houston, Havana & Munich. Each selected film from the international competition will be screened in all 5 cities. Each of these 5 cities will also have their own local competitions, which work in the same way: Stage 1 is non-competitive. A local jury will select all properly-themed productions that live up to the specified production standards. These films will then be made available to watch on the appropriate regional tab of website. In stage 2 of each local competition the same jury will then select the 7 best of these local productions to be screened in for of a live audience in in their city. In each of these regional screenings the 7 selected local films and the 7 selected international films will be screened together in one 90 minute screening. Each of the local juries will also select one out of the 7 to be included in all five international screenings. That means each of the local screenings will feature 18 sustainability-themed short films: the 7 best international films, the seven best local films and the winners of the other four local competitions. The three best international films as well as the three best local films for each city will receive money or in-kind prizes. Amounts still need to be determined at this point and depend on the availability of local sponsors.

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