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Awards and Winners



Best of Fest, Best Documentary Film, Best Sustainable Agriculture Film & Audience Choice Award:

Green Nettle by Freddie Reed & Nick Lear, South Africa

Best UHCL Student Documentary Film & Best Local submission:

Glass Crushin’ at Stella Roberts Recycling Center by Dustin Konrad, USA

Best Animation Film:

Painting by Numbers by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia

Best Video Art Film:

The Earth is no Spaceship by Krista Steinke

Best Extremely Short Film:

Reborn by Peri Gandia, Greece

Best Experimental Documentary Film:

Dancing With Rainbow by Hassan Mokhtari, Iran

Best Sustainable Cities Film:

Wildlife in our Backyard by William Freund, USA

Best Social Sustainability Film:

The Sol Collector by Chris Tello & Richard M. Kates, USA

Best Resilience Film:

Alone beneath the Northern Lights by Valentin Boitel-Denyset, France

Best Sustainable Outdoor Fun Film:

Remove the Trash by Alexey Protsencko, Russian Federation

Best High School Student Film:

Beautiful Houston by Juslyn Dhingra & Harrison Boyd, Klein High School, USA

Best UHCL Student Video Art Film:

The Dream produced by Betsaida Aleman, USA

Best of Non-Film Gallery Exhibit:

Muddy Waters (Etching Print) by Sarah Gunia-Jensen



Tiger is Strolling Around by Anastasiia Falileieva, Ukraine

Video Art:

Such Complexity / Air & Wood by Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran, USA

Extremely Short:

Adventure of a Plastic Bottle by Siyu Huang, China

Documentary Film:

The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU by Rodrigo Sena, Brazil

Experimental Documentary Film:

Yollotl (Heart) by Fernando Colin Roque, France

Sustainable Agriculture Films:

Bad Bugs, by Bryn Wright, USA

Social Sustainability:

A Place at the Kauri Table by Helen Donnelly, New Zealand

Local Films:

Again Together: The Cumulative Impacts of Environmental Racism, by Ronald L. Jones in collaboration with One Breath Partnership

High School Student Film:

Air Pollution, by Bianca Ibarra, Galena Park High School

UHCL Student Video Art Film:

Water Down the Drain, by Laura Melancon, USA

UHCL Student Documentary Film:

Mother Nature, produced by Leslie Lenio, UHCL

Non-Film Gallery Exhibits:

Disjointed 1 & 2, Invigorate (clay) by Emma Pedraza Jimenez (series of 3)



Watch the Feet by Sashko Danylenko & Laura Tufariello, USA

Social Sustainability:

Let’s Talk About It by Vittorio Caratozzolo, Italy

Video Art:

Yesterday by Poramet Ariyakusonsuthi, Thailand

UHCL Student Video Art Film:

Sustainable Development Goals by Sarah Pulido

UHCL Student Documentary Film:

Dealing With My Baggage, by Miles Shellshear

Non-Film Gallery Exhibits:

Protest Painting 1 & 2 (gouache on paper) by Caroline Ryan (series of 2)



Egg by Li-Wei Hsu, Taiwan


Scream for Ice by Emir Aytemür, Turkey

Video Art:

Lifeline by Krista Steinke, USA

Video Art:

I Am Water by Jim Hall, USA

UHCL Student Video Art Film:

Conceptual Video Art Project by Mackenzie Crawford

UHCL Student Documentary Film:

Buried Truth: Plastic Recycling is a Lie by Clarissa Silva

UHCL Student Film:

Issue with Tissue by Farid Asif


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